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  • You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (film by Resnais [2012])

    Alain Resnais: …n’avez encore rien vu (2012; You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet) and Aimer, boire et chanter (2014; Life of Riley), were also praised by critics.

  • You Always Hurt the One You Love (American song)

    the Mills Brothers: Their later hits included “You Always Hurt the One You Love” (1944), “Glow Worm” (1952), and “Opus One” (1952).

  • You Are Not Alone (album by Staples)

    Mavis Staples: In 2010 Staples released You Are Not Alone, a collection of gospel standards and new songs that was produced by Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. It was a critical success, and the following year Staples’s long Grammy drought finally came to an end when You Are Not Alone was awarded…

  • You Are the Weather (photographs by Horn)

    Roni Horn: One example is Horn’s well-known You Are the Weather (1994–95) series. It consists of 100 close-up photographs of a woman’s face, documenting the subtle changes in the subject’s appearance as she reacts to different types of weather. Another Iceland-based work (located in a former library in the small town of…

  • You Belong with Me (song by Swift and Rose)

    Taylor Swift: Debut album and Fearless: Singles such as “You Belong with Me” and “Love Story” were popular in the digital market as well, the latter accounting for more than four million paid downloads.

  • You Bet Your Life (American quiz show)

    Television in the United States: Developing genres: … (ABC, 1949–56) and Groucho Marx’s You Bet Your Life (NBC, 1950–61) were all represented in the top 25 highest-rated shows of the 1950–51 season.

  • You Can Count on Me (film by Lonergan [2000])

    Laura Linney: …of a single mom in You Can Count on Me (2000), she was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress. She won Emmy Awards for roles in the sitcom Frasier (2002), the television movie Wild Iris (2004), and the HBO miniseries John Adams (2008). In 2005 Linney earned a…

  • You Can’t Do That on Television (television show)

    Nickelodeon: …eventually included the sketch-comedy show You Can’t Do That on Television. The Canadian-produced series, which had first aired on a local station in Ottawa, is notable for originating the channel’s iconic and frequent use of green slime in its early years.

  • You Can’t Go Home Again (novel by Wolfe)

    You Can’t Go Home Again, novel by Thomas Wolfe, published posthumously in 1940 after heavy editing by Edward Aswell. This novel, like Wolfe’s other works, is largely autobiographical, reflecting details of his life in the 1930s. As the sequel to The Web and the Rock (1939), You Can’t Go Home Again

  • You Can’t Go Home Again (work by Yi)

    Yi Muny?l: …kohyang e kaji mot’ari (1980; You Can’t Go Home Again), Yi examines one aspect of hometown life, a spiritual space that has vanished beyond recall. The stories evoke nostalgia, fury, or pained amusement.

  • You Can’t Print That (work by Seldes)

    George Seldes: In You Can’t Print That (1928) he criticized censorship and strictures on journalists, a continuing theme in his career. He reported on the rise of fascism in Italy and Spain in the 1930s, and he and his wife published In Fact, a journal devoted to press…

  • You Can’t Take It with You (film by Capra [1938])

    Frank Capra: The golden period: …two months, the frenetic comedy You Can’t Take It with You (1938) was a dramatic about-face for Capra after the weighty Lost Horizon. George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, a hit on Broadway, was adapted for the screen by Riskin. Arthur, James Stewart, Lionel Barrymore, and Edward…

  • You Can’t Take It with You (play by Kaufman and Hart)

    Frank Capra: The golden period: … and Moss Hart’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, a hit on Broadway, was adapted for the screen by Riskin. Arthur, James Stewart, Lionel Barrymore, and Edward Arnold starred in this madcap portrait of an extremely unconventional family. While some critics found the film merely workmanlike in its professional polish, others were convinced…

  • You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (recording by Springfield)

    Dusty Springfield: …though, was the ballad “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” (1966), which topped the British singles chart and reached number four in the United States.

  • You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (memoir by Alexie)

    Sherman Alexie: …2017 Alexie released the memoir You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, in which he chronicled his complicated relationship with his mother. The book was well received, and in February 2018 it was named the winner of the American Library Association’s Carnegie Medal for nonfiction. Shortly thereafter, however, allegations…

  • You Don’t Know Jack (television film by Levinson [2010])

    Barry Levinson: …directed the HBO television movies You Don’t Know Jack (2010), a comedy-drama about Jack Kevorkian (Al Pacino), a doctor who supported physician-assisted suicide; The Wizard of Lies (2017), about Bernie Madoff (Robert De Niro), who operated the largest Ponzi scheme in history; and Paterno

  • You Don’t Know My Name (song by West)

    Kanye West: …songwriters of Alicia Keys’s “You Don’t Know My Name”).

  • You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (film by Dugan [2008])

    Adam Sandler: …returned to lighter fare with You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, about an Israeli military operative who moves to New York City to become a hairdresser.

  • You Have Seen Their Faces (book by Bourke-White and Caldwell)

    Margaret Bourke-White: …collaborated on three illustrated books: You Have Seen Their Faces (1937), about Southern sharecroppers; North of the Danube (1939), about life in Czechoslovakia before the Nazi takeover; and Say, Is This the U.S.A. (1941), about the industrialization of the United States.

  • You Know Me Al (work by Lardner)

    baseball: Baseball and the arts: …20th century was Ring Lardner’s You Know Me Al, a collection of stories featuring the character Jack Keefe that first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post and was later published in book form in 1916. By shifting the baseball yarn from the exploits of the Great American Hero to the…

  • You Light Up My Life (song by Brooks)
  • You Light Up My Life (film by Brooks [1977])
  • You Must Love Me (song by Lloyd Webber and Rice)

    Tim Rice: …new Rice–Lloyd Webber song, “You Must Love Me,” performed by pop star Madonna. It won an Academy Award for best original song.

  • You Must Set Forth at Dawn (memoir by Soyinka)

    Wole Soyinka: …2006 he published another memoir, You Must Set Forth at Dawn. In 2005–06 Soyinka served on the Encyclop?dia Britannica Editorial Board of Advisors.

  • You Only Live Once (film by Lang [1937])

    Fritz Lang: First films in Hollywood: …Wanger on the equally grim You Only Live Once (1937). Based partly on the story of real-life fugitives Bonnie and Clyde, it starred Henry Fonda as an ex-convict who is unjustly sentenced to death for murder. Unaware that he has been pardoned, he breaks out of jail and heads for…

  • You Only Live Twice (film by Gilbert [1967])

    You Only Live Twice, British spy film, released in 1967, that was the fifth entry in the James Bond franchise, particularly notable for its set designs. As the film opens, a U.S. space capsule is on a routine mission when an unidentified vehicle opens its hatches and swallows the capsule. The

  • You Really Got Me (song by Davies)

    the Kinks: …chords, their third single, “You Really Got Me,” provided their big break. It stands, along with the work of the early Rolling Stones, as a landmark of creative exploration of rhythm and blues by white musicians. As such, it had a huge influence on the early Who, mid-1960s American…

  • You Said It (comic strip by Laxman)

    R.K. Laxman: …created the daily comic strip You Said It, which chronicled Indian life and politics through the eyes of the “common man,” a bulbous-nosed bespectacled observer dressed in a dhoti and a distinctive checked coat who served as a silent point-of-view character for readers.

  • You Send Me (song by Cooke)

    Sam Cooke: …first hit, the ethereal “You Send Me,” which shot to number one on all charts in 1957 and established Cooke as a superstar.

  • You Upset Me (film by Benigni [1983])

    Roberto Benigni: …with Tu mi turbi (You Upset Me), which he also wrote and starred in. The film featured his wife, actress Nicoletta Braschi, who frequently appeared in his work and played his onscreen spouse in Life Is Beautiful. Benigni again performed triple duties in Il piccolo diavolo (1988; “The Little…

  • You Want It Darker (album by Cohen)

    Leonard Cohen: …death, Cohen’s 14th studio album, You Want It Darker (2016), was received by critics as a late-period masterpiece. For the title track, he posthumously received a Grammy Award for best rock performance. In 2008 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2010 he was…

  • You Who Through Intelligence Move the Third Sphere (work by Dante)

    Dante: Dante’s intellectual development and public career: …il terzo ciel movete” (“You Who Through Intelligence Move the Third Sphere”) he dramatizes this conversion from the sweet old style, associated with Beatrice and the Vita nuova, to the rigorous, even severe, new style associated with philosophy. This period of study gave expression to a series of canzoni…

  • You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (film by Allen [2010])

    Antonio Banderas: …Woody Allen’s light relationship drama You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. Banderas worked again with Almodóvar on the psychological thriller La piel que habito (2011; The Skin I Live In), in which he starred as an obsessive plastic surgeon who experiments on a woman he holds captive.

  • You’ll Be in My Heart (song by Collins)
  • You’ll Never Get Rich (film by Lanfield [1941])

    Sidney Lanfield: Later films: …Fox, Lanfield made the musical You’ll Never Get Rich (1941) for Columbia. It was the first screen pairing of Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth and was notable for their dance numbers and a fine Cole Porter score. The director then signed with Paramount, where his first assignment was The Lady…

  • You’ll Never Get Rich (American television series)

    Jack Albertson: …acting on television, including on The Phil Silvers Show (1956–57). His other movies included Man of a Thousand Faces (1957), Days of Wine and Roses (1962), How to Murder Your Wife (1965), and The Flim-Flam Man (1967). Albertson played Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka &amp; the Chocolate Factory

  • You’ll Never Know (song by Warren and Gordon)
  • You’re a Big Boy Now (film by Coppola [1966])

    Francis Ford Coppola: Early years: …directed the charming coming-of-age tale You’re a Big Boy Now (also 1966), which served as his master’s thesis film. Short on plot but rich with incident, it was the story of a virginal young man (played by Peter Kastner) looking for love while in the employ of the New York…

  • You’re Fine, You’re Hired (work by Simpson)

    Lorna Simpson: You’re Fine, You’re Hired (1988), using Polaroid prints framed in wood, depicted an African American woman lying on her side. To the left of the images was a list of terms relating to a physical exam; to the right, the words Secretarial and Position.

  • You’re So Vain (song by Simon)

    Carly Simon: “You’re So Vain,” like the album No Secrets, reached number one on the Billboard chart in 1973. She eventually revealed the subject of the song to be actor Warren Beatty. She had a major hit with her album Hotcakes (1974), which included “Haven’t Got Time…

  • You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush (play by Ferrell)

    Will Ferrell: … debut in the one-man play You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush, which he wrote. The play featured Ferrell’s Bush giving some imaginative reminiscences and defenses of his administration. It earned a Tony Award nomination for special theatrical event and was broadcast on the cable channel HBO…

  • (You’re) Having My Baby (song by Anka)

    Paul Anka: …performed with Odia Coates, “(You’re) Having My Baby,” which proved controversial with both sides of the abortion debate. He had a hit in 1983 with “Hold Me ’Til the Mornin’ Comes,” a duet with Peter Cetera. Anka toured and continued to release compilations and concert recordings throughout the 1980s…

  • You’ve Got a Friend (song by King)

    Carole King: …version of King’s song “You’ve Got a Friend” eventually became a hit in the United States. With his encouragement, King fostered her own ability to perform solo, and her debut album, Writer, was released in 1970.

  • You’ve Got Mail (film by Ephron [1998])

    Nora Ephron: …Ryan in the romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail (1998), which updates the anonymous epistolary romance of the 1940 film The Shop Around the Corner for the age of online communication. Meanwhile, her first script for the stage—Imaginary Friends, about the longtime enmity between writers Lillian Hellman and Mary McCarthy—was produced…

  • You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (song by Spector, Mann and Weil)

    Phil Spector: …the Righteous Brothers’ epic “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’,” a huge worldwide hit. Spector threatened to top it with Ike and Tina Turner’s majestic “River Deep—Mountain High” the following year, but some sectors of the music industry, jealous of his success and irritated by his arrogance, ensured its commercial…

  • You, Me and Dupree (film by Russo [2006])

    Seth Rogen: …in another supporting performance in You, Me and Dupree (2006), but it was his next film that made him a household name. In Knocked Up, which Apatow wrote and directed, Rogen starred as an oafish pot-smoking slacker whose one-night stand with an attractive career woman (played by Katherine Heigl) inadvertently…

  • You: The Owner’s Manual (book by Roizen and Oz)

    Mehmet Oz: Roizen) YOU: The Owner’s Manual. The book—which was noted for its engaging text and humour—led to an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oz subsequently became a regular guest on that program as well as many others, earning him the nickname “America’s Doctor.” His rapport with…

  • Youbou River (river, Africa)

    Cavalla River, river in western Africa, rising north of the Nimba Range in Guinea and flowing south to form more than half of the Liberia–C?te d’Ivoire border. It enters the Gulf of Guinea 13 miles (21 km) east of Harper, Liberia, after a course of 320 miles (515 km). With its major tributaries

  • Youd, Christopher Samuel (British author)

    John Christopher, (Christopher Samuel Youd), British writer (born April 16, 1922, Knowsley, Lancashire, Eng.—died Feb. 3, 2012, Bath, Eng.), crafted dystopian science-fiction novels for a young-adult audience, most notably the Tripods trilogy—The White Mountains (1967), The City of Gold and Lead

  • Youghal (Ireland)

    Youghal, urban district, market town, and fishing port on the west side of the Blackwater estuary in County Cork, Ireland. It is possible that Danes originally occupied Youghal, but the first known history is that of the establishment of a baronial town by the Anglo-Normans in the 13th century and

  • Youghiogheny River (river, United States)

    Youghiogheny River, river rising in Preston county, W.Va., U.S., at Backbone Mountain, near the western edge of Maryland. It flows past Connellsville, Pa., to enter the Monongahela River at McKeesport, Pa., after a course of 135 miles (217 km). The Youghiogheny is the only river in western M

  • Youlou, Fulbert (president of Congo)

    Republic of the Congo: Congo since independence: UDDIA leader Fulbert Youlou formed the first parliamentary government in 1958; in 1959 he became premier and president.

  • youlu (Buddhist text)

    Buddhism: Buddhism after the Tang: …included texts such as the youlu (“recorded sayings”) of famous teachers, which were oriented primarily toward monks, as well as more literary creations such as Journey to the West (written in the 16th century) and Dream of the Red Chamber (18th century). On the other hand, Buddhism coalesced with the…

  • Youma (work by Hearn)

    Lafcadio Hearn: …Indies (1890) and his novel Youma (1890), a highly original story of a slave insurrection.

  • Youmans, Vincent Millie (American songwriter)

    Vincent Youmans, American songwriter best known for writing the scores for the musicals No, No, Nanette (1925), Hit the Deck (1927), and the first Fred Astaire–Ginger Rogers vehicle, Flying Down to Rio (1933). Youmans started writing songs while he was in the U.S. Navy during World War I. After the

  • Young (New South Wales, Australia)

    Young, town, south-central New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on Burrangong Creek and the Western Slopes of the Great Dividing Range. The first settlement in 1830 was a sheep station. The locality was once known as Lambing Flat, for the land’s use as a place for ewes to give birth. Gold was

  • Young & Rubicam (American company)

    Ann Marie Fudge: …chairwoman and chief executive of Young &amp; Rubicam Brands—the multinational advertising division of WPP Group, a communications company based in London—and of Y&amp;R Advertising, the company’s largest division. With these positions Fudge became the first African American female to head a large division of an international advertising agency. She stepped…

  • Young Adolf (work by Bainbridge)

    Dame Beryl Bainbridge: In Young Adolf (1978), Bainbridge imagines a visit Adolf Hitler might have paid to a relative living in England before World War I. Winter Garden (1980) is a mystery about an English artist who disappears on a visit to the Soviet Union. Subsequent novels include An…

  • Young Adult (film by Reitman [2011])

    Charlize Theron: In the dramedy Young Adult (2011), Theron starred as a willfully immature woman who returns to her hometown in pursuit of her high-school sweetheart. She enlivened the screen as the evil queen in the dark fairy-tale adaptation Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) and its sequel, The Huntsman:…

  • Young Ahmed (film by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne [2019])

    Dardenne brothers: For Le Jeune Ahmed (2019; Young Ahmed), the brothers were named best director at Cannes. The drama follows a radicalized Muslim teenager who attempts to kill his teacher.

  • Young Algerians (Algerian nationalist group)

    Young Algerians, Algerian nationalist group. Formed shortly before World War I (1914–18), they were a loosely organized group of French-educated workers in the modernized French sector. The Young Algerians were “assimilationists,” willing to consider permanent union with France on the condition

  • Young America Movement (American political movement)

    Young America Movement, philosophical, economic, spiritual, and political concept in vogue in the United States during the mid-1840s and early 1850s. Taking as its inspiration the European youth movements of the 1830s, Young America flowered a decade later in the United States. Characterized by

  • Young American Bowling Alliance (American sports organization)

    bowling: Organization and tournaments: A third membership organization, the Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA; established in 1982), administers to the league and tournament needs of young bowlers through college age.

  • Young Americans (album by Bowie)

    David Bowie: …and the disco romanticism of Young Americans (1975) were released less than a year apart. Bowie also became the first rock star to turn a confession of bisexuality into a shrewd career move (and also the first, some years later, to suspect that times had changed enough for recanting to…

  • Young Americans for Freedom (American organization)

    Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), American youth organization based on conservative principles, notably limited government, traditional social values, and free enterprise. Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) began in September 1960 when activists met at William F. Buckley, Jr.’s home in Sharon,

  • Young and Innocent (film by Hitchcock [1937])

    Alfred Hitchcock: First international releases: The Man Who Knew Too Much to Jamaica Inn: Young and Innocent (1937) was considerably more charming and still offered much in the way of suspense. Derrick de Marney starred as a young man who (once again) has been unjustly accused of murder; Pilbeam played the local constable’s teenage daughter who decides to help…

  • Young and the Restless, The (television drama)

    cultural globalization: Subjectivity of meaning—the case of Titanic: …television watched daily episodes of The Young and the Restless, a series that emphasized family problems, sexual intrigue, and gossip. Miller discovered that Trinidadians had no trouble relating to the personal dramas portrayed in American soap operas, even though the lifestyles and material circumstances differed radically from life in Trinidad.…

  • Young Assassins, The (novel by Goytisolo)

    Juan Goytisolo: …novel, Juegos de manos (1954; The Young Assassins), concerns a group of students who are intent on murdering a politician and who kill the student they have chosen as the assassin. Duelo en el paraíso (1955; Children of Chaos), set just after the Spanish Civil War, is about the violence…

  • Young at Heart (film by Douglas [1954])

    Gordon Douglas: Warner Brothers: …Douglas returned to musicals with Young at Heart, a remake of Michael Curtiz’s Four Daughters (1938). The film starred Frank Sinatra and Doris Day and featured a number of notable songs, including “Someone to Watch over Me,” “One for My Baby (and One More for the Road),” and “Just One…

  • Young Avengers (comic book)

    the Avengers: …of superheroes bands together in Young Avengers, a series that debuted in 2005. The book was praised for its light tone and its realistic depiction of relationships, particularly that of same-sex couple Hulkling and Wiccan. During Marvel’s “Civil War” event (2006–07), two rival teams of Avengers emerged. Iron Man organized…

  • Young Belgium (Belgian literary society)

    Belgian literature: The Jeune Belgique movement: Impetus for the long-awaited literary renaissance came from Max Waller, founder in 1881 of an influential review, La Jeune Belgique (“Young Belgium”), which suggested a national literary consciousness; in reality, however, the review was the vehicle of expression of individual writers dedicated…

  • Young Bess (film by Sidney [1953])

    George Sidney: Annie Get Your Gun, Kiss Me Kate, and Show Boat: Granger returned for Young Bess (1953), which again demonstrated Sidney’s skill with costume pictures; Charles Laughton appeared as Henry VIII, and Jean Simmons (Granger’s real-life wife) was a young Elizabeth I. The 1953 Kiss Me Kate was an inventive filming of the stage hit that was based on…

  • Young Blood (song by Leiber and Stoller)

    the Coasters: …listeners: “Searchin’ ” and “Young Blood” (both 1957), “Yakety Yak” (1958), and “Charlie Brown” and “Poison Ivy” (both 1959). The Coasters alternated lead singers and featured clever arrangements, including amusing bass replies and tenor saxophone solos by King Curtis, who played a crucial role in creating Atlantic’s rhythm-and-blues sound.…

  • Young Bosnia (political organization, Bosnia)

    Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnia and Herzegovina under Austro-Hungarian rule: …of these, Mlada Bosna (“Young Bosnia”), was especially active in Bosnian schools and universities.

  • Young British Artists (art movement)

    Tracey Emin: …one of the YBAs (Young British Artists; also known as the BritArtists) who came to prominence in the 1990s.

  • Young Chevalier (British prince)

    Charles Edward, the Young Pretender, last serious Stuart claimant to the British throne and leader of the unsuccessful Jacobite rebellion of 1745–46. Charles’s grandfather was the exiled Roman Catholic king James II (ruled 1685–88), and his father, James Edward, the Old Pretender, affected in exile

  • Young Children’s Encyclopedia, The

    encyclopaedia: Children’s encyclopaedias: …1970 a new encyclopaedia, called The Young Children’s Encyclopedia, was issued by Encyclop?dia Britannica, Inc. Prepared specifically for children just learning to read and not yet in elementary school, it consisted of 16 volumes, in which all the illustrations were in colour and the accompanying informative text brief. After its…

  • Young Christian Workers (Roman Catholic organization)

    Young Christian Workers, Roman Catholic movement begun in Belgium in 1912 by Father (later Cardinal) Joseph Cardijn; it attempts to train workers to evangelize and to help them adjust to the work atmosphere in offices and factories. Organized on a national basis in 1925, Cardijn’s groups were

  • Young Cosima, The (work by Richardson)

    Henry Handel Richardson: Her last novel, The Young Cosima (1939), is a reconstruction of the love triangle of Richard Wagner, Cosima Liszt, and Hans von Bülow. She also wrote a number of short stories, published as The End of a Childhood and Other Stories (1934), and an unfinished autobiography, Myself When…

  • Young Czechs (political group, Bohemia)

    Austria: Political realignment: …to radical demands, the nationalistic Young Czechs were able to gain support from the electorate. In 1890 Taaffe tried to negotiate an agreement between the Old Czechs and the German liberals, whereby Bohemia would be divided for administrative and judicial purposes along lines of nationality, but he was balked by…

  • Young Doctors, The (film by Karlson [1961])

    Phil Karlson: Later films: …to explore new genres with The Young Doctors (1961), a medical soap opera based on a popular novel by Arthur Hailey; it starred Fredric March, Ben Gazzara, Dick Clark, and George Segal (in his screen debut). Next came Kid Galahad (1962), an Elvis Presley

  • Young England (British political group)

    Benjamin Disraeli: Breach with Peel: …group of young Tories, nicknamed Young England, and led by George Smythe (later Lord Stangford), looked to Disraeli for inspiration, and he obliged them, notably in his novel Coningsby; or, The New Generation (1844), in which the hero is patterned on Smythe, and the cool, pragmatic, humdrum, middle-class Conservatism that…

  • Young equation (physics)

    liquid: Surface tension: …solid-air interfaces is called the Young equation after British scientist Thomas Young.

  • Young Finland (Finnish literary group)

    Finnish literature: Literature in Finnish: …known as Nuori Suomi (Young Finland), who founded the paper P?iv?lehti (from 1904 Helsingin Sanomat). Among the group’s members were Juhani Aho, a master of the lyrical nature novel, and Arvid J?rnefelt. Rautatie (1884; “The Railroad”), Aho’s first novel, is generally regarded as the most important work of fiction…

  • Young Frankenstein (film by Brooks [1974])

    Mel Brooks: Films of the 1970s: …films of the 1930s titled Young Frankenstein (1974), which earned Brooks and the film’s star and cowriter, Wilder, an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay. Young Frankenstein was more carefully structured than Blazing Saddles, and its elegant black-and-white cinematography replicated the look of the 1935 Bride of Frankenstein. Brooks reined…

  • Young Frisian Movement (literary movement)

    Frisian literature: …1915 Douwe Kalma launched the Young Frisian Movement, which challenged younger writers to break radically with the provincialism and didacticism of past Frisian literature. This break had been anticipated in the lyrical poetry and fiction of Simke Kloosterman and in the psychological narratives of Reinder Brolsma. Kalma himself made important…

  • young fustic (dye)

    fustic: The dye termed young fustic (zante fustic, or Venetian sumac) is derived from the wood of the smoke tree (Cotinus coggygria, or Rhus cotinus), a southern European and Asian shrub of the cashew family, Anacardiaceae. Both old and new fustic have been displaced from commercial importance by synthetic…

  • Young Germany (German literature)

    Young Germany, a social reform and literary movement in 19th-century Germany (about 1830–50), influenced by French revolutionary ideas, which was opposed to the extreme forms of Romanticism and nationalism then current. The name was first used in Ludolf Wienbarg’s ?sthetische Feldzüge (“Aesthetic C

  • Young Goodman Brown (short story by Hawthorne)

    Young Goodman Brown, allegorical short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, published in 1835 in New England Magazine and collected in Mosses from an Old Manse (1846). Considered an outstanding tale of witchcraft, it concerns a young Puritan who ventures into the forest to meet with a stranger. It soon

  • Young Guard, The (work by Fadeyev)

    Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Fadeyev: 1951; The Young Guard), dealing with youthful guerrilla fighters in German-occupied Ukraine. It was at first highly praised but was later denounced for omitting the role played by party members in the Resistance, and Fadeyev rewrote it. The extent to which Fadeyev was responsible for the…

  • Young Hegelians

    Friedrich Engels: Early life: … as expounded by the “Young Hegelians,” a group of leftist intellectuals, including the theologian and historian Bruno Bauer and the anarchist Max Stirner. They accepted the Hegelian dialectic—basically that rational progress and historical change result from the conflict of opposing views, ending in a new synthesis. The Young Hegelians…

  • Young Hickory (president of United States)

    Franklin Pierce, 14th president of the United States (1853–57). He failed to deal effectively with the corroding sectional controversy over slavery in the decade preceding the American Civil War (1861–65). The son of a governor of New Hampshire, Benjamin Pierce, and the former Anna Kendrick,

  • Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The (television series)

    George Lucas: The growth of Lucasfilm Ltd.: &gt;The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992–93), about the adventures of Jones as a child and teenager in the early 20th century. The series was not a ratings success, but it allowed Lucas and ILM to experiment with new techniques in special effects. In 1997 he…

  • Young Ireland (Irish nationalist movement)

    Young Ireland, Irish nationalist movement of the 1840s. Begun by a group of Irish intellectuals who founded and wrote for the Nation, the movement advocated the study of Irish history and the revival of the Irish (Gaelic) language as a means of developing Irish nationalism and achieving

  • Young Italy (Italian nationalist movement)

    Young Italy, movement founded by Giuseppe Mazzini in 1831 to work for a united, republican Italian nation. Attracting many Italians to the cause of independence, it played an important role in the Risorgimento (struggle for Italian unification). Mazzini, in exile at Marseille for his r

  • Young Jesus with the Doctors (painting by Dürer)

    Albrecht Dürer: Second journey to Italy: …compressed half-length composition of the Young Jesus with the Doctors of 1506, harks back to Bellini’s free adaptation of Mantegna’s Presentation in the Temple. Dürer’s work is a virtuoso performance that shows mastery and close attention to detail. In the painting the inscription on the scrap of paper out of…

  • Young Joseph, The (work by Mann)

    Joseph and His Brothers, series of four novels by Thomas Mann that formed an epic bildungsroman about the biblical figure Joseph. Known collectively in German as Joseph und seine Brüder, the tetralogy consists of Die Geschichten Jaakobs (1933; U.K. title The Tales of Jacob; U.S. title Joseph and

  • Young Kemalists (Turkish secret society)

    Turkey: The ascendancy of the right, 1961–71: …secret society within the army—the Young Kemalists—were arrested in April 1963. Criticism of the 1960 revolution was made illegal in 1962; army leaders contented themselves with occasional warnings against too rapid a rehabilitation of the Democrats. This peaceful political evolution can be ascribed partly to ?n?nü, who used his personal…

  • Young Kikuyu Association (Kenyan political organization)

    Kenya: Political movements: …the first one being the Young Kikuyu Association (later the East African Association), established in 1921, with Harry Thuku as its first president. The group, which received most of its support from young men and was not supported by most of the older chiefs, demanded African representation in the legislature…

  • Young Ladies Seminary (college, Oakland, California, United States)

    Mills College, private liberal arts institution of higher education for women in Oakland, California, U.S. Men may study in the graduate-level programs. Mills College offers more than 30 undergraduate majors in English and foreign literatures, languages, and cultures; ethnic and women’s studies;

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